"Until recently I wouldn’t have considered buying books from anyone other than Amazon, but now that I got into Books4Spain I appreciate the difference. It’s qualitative. It’s a different experience altogether. No other specialist site comes even close to this one and that’s why they get my custom! And on top of that, their prices are every bit as good as their competition." Michael Banks


"You have some really good books on your website, and it is an excellant website." Jan "Angelwings" 


"Great website, love the fact there is a dedicated website for books on Spain, brilliant!  M Casey


Truly great books, the Barea Forging of a Rebel trilogy! I came upon them by happy accident and they somewhere at the top of my list of all-time favourite books.  Searching for the answer so as to win this interesting book I found a wealth of information.  Mike PInter


Well I have just been having a look around your website, and found it SO easy to use.  Was impressed by the books you have on there too, there are quite a few I want to read!  Excellent. I think you have done really well, it's a site that people will want to keep going back to.  Well done!  Madaline Wright


I LOVE the look of the website, the bright colours, the layout, etc.  I clicked on Rick Stein's "Spain", read the blurbs and clicked "add to cart"..GREAT!! I LOVE the black band across the top of the page letting me know that I had, in fact, added the book to my Cart.  I hate websites when you're sitting there thinking: "So, is the thing in my cart???"  Then you have to go check your cart every 2 minutes to make sure stuff is going in there.

I very much enjoyed browsing through your categories. I think that is a great marketing tool, because you always come upon something that interests you, and into the cart it goes!

So, overall, a very good experience and I very much like the different search categories for the search (ebook/print/audio/etc).  I can't wait to really have those books now!  I am very much looking forward to updates on Books4Spain.  Janice Westfall, USA




I think the Books4Spain website is really super by the way. Sure it’s quite a lot of hard work, but I think you’ve done a very fine job on it and it is very well managed. I.B.Tauris Publishers


The site looks fantastic, it's such a pleasure to be featured in its launch!  On its looks and functionality, I had a quick browse and spent longer than I expected exploring.  Peter Target, Enitharmon Press


“Great range of titles and most comprehensive listing I have seen of books in print relating to the Civil War.”  Martin Ellis Zymurgy Publishing


"The website looks great, particularly interested in the Camino de Santiago books actually as we were out in Asturias for the 1st time back in June – was an amazing place"  Dan Pattinson, Quarto


Many thanks for getting in touch and letting me know about your site - I can see why you are getting great reviews.  Cicerone Press




‘A clearly and lovingly compiled resource that makes the wealth of English-language writings on Spain more apparent than ever before, while keeping alive a vast range of unjustly neglected works.’ Michael Jacobs


“At last somewhere to browse for books - both popular and rare - on Spain. I've already seen a couple that I must have on my bookshelf."  Giles Tremlett


"Finally an attractive website dedicated to the feast of English language books on Spain." William Chislett, Madrid correspondent of The Times (1975-78).


“An essential port of call for those interested in the rich and varied literature that surrounds Spain, its culture and its history."  Jimmy Burns, author of Papa Spy, Barca and When Beckham went to Spain.


‘Books4Spain is an excellent idea with great potential’. Antony Beevor, best selling author of Stalingrad, Berlin and The Battle for Spain.


“Your idea of selling books in English on or about Spain is most appealing.” Dominique Lapierre, Author of Or I'll Dress You in Mourning: El Cordobes




Your website is very attractive, congratulations.  Jamie Jones, La Tienda (www.latienda.com)


Congratulations on the site, looks great.  Kieron Smith, The Book Depository




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