Our Team

Books4Spain has a team which makes a significant contribution in a number of areas, from developing our international relationships with leading institutions, to assisting us in identifying and classifying books for inclusion on Books4Spain to reviewing books for us. 


Our Advisors and Subject Experts include:



Jose Antonio Sierra Lumbreras

Jose Antonio, was born in Avila and has degrees in Philosophy from Universidad Complutense de Madrid and Journalism from Escuela Oficial de Periodismo de Madrid.


Now officially retired but very active, Jose Antonio has taught Spanish at leading schools in France, United Kingdom and Ireland. He has also worked in the Department of Spanish Studies at Trinty College Dublin and was the founder and Director of the Instituto Cervantes, Dublin. Unable to sit in front of a television all day, Jose Antonio is leading our efforts in developing our Spanish Studies category internationally.


Andrew J Linn

Andrew has lived in Spain for 40 years and even before shakin gthe dust from his shoes was an irredemable aficionado of flamenco, bullfighting, wine and Spanish culture.  He writes regularly on wine and food in both English and Spanish-lnaguage publications and regularly visits wine regions.

As a result he is our resident flamenco, bullfighting and wine expert and is invaluable in reviewing books in these categories for us, but he has also edited our first published book "Flamenco an Englishman's Passion and he has contributed a number of articles on Spanish food and wine to our blog.

Phil Robinson

Phil is a multi-talented individual with a marketing and business development background, predominantly in Spain having lived and worked down here for more than 15 years. Before settling down in southern Spain, he and his wife toured the country, repeatedly coming into contact with the Pilgrimage to Santiago, before finally visiting Santiago de Compostela.


The Pilgrimage “seed” had been planted, although another 15 years passed before the opportunity arose for Phil to walk the entire North Route from Hendaya, France in 40 days and 40 nights. Passionate to encourage others to enjoy this lesser known route, he is currently writing a guide book.. Because of his interest and practical experience Phil has become our Camino de Santiago expert, writing reviews, interviewing authors and is also fast becoming our audio and visual media expert!


Paul O'Connell

Paul is an established journalist and photographer, a member of the Costa Press Club and the Guardian Newspaper writers guild. He has written book review and articles for Left Book Club and BookMarx and is a regular contributor to Olive Press Newspaper in Spain. He also presents a radio programme on Silkfm in Spain.

Paul's particular interest is the Spanish Civil War and he has recommended and reviewed several books in this category for us.


Kirsty Hooper http://www.booksonspain.wordpress.com/

Kirsty is a specialist in Spanish and Galician Studies at the University of Liverpool, where she’s worked since 2004. She specialises above all in the culture and literature of Galicia, but is now branching out to work on the Basque Country and the Canary Islands too. She’s especially interested in Anglophone communities in Spain and Hispanic communities in the UK, and her ‘Hispanic Liverpool’ project (http://www.kirstyhooper.net/home-page/hispanic-liverpool/) has traced some 2000 Liverpudlians of Hispanic origin.

Kirsty has published several books on the networks of people, books and ideas emerging out of contact between Spain and other cultures since 1800, and is currently writing The Edwardians and the Making of a Modern Spanish Obsession for Liverpool University Press. In November 2011 she was awarded a Philip Leverhulme Prize by the Leverhulme Trust for her research in Spanish and Galician Studies.

Malcolm Cliff

Malcolm Cliff took early retirement in 2011 after a long career in academia. A bibliophile and a lover of Spain and all things Spanish, Books4Spain could have been invented for him! With three visits to different parts of Spain in the last 12 months - with more planned - he is using his retirement to ever increase his knowledge of the country.  Not only is Malcolm helping Books4Spain develop relationships with a number of educational institutions but he also one of our book reviewers and Spanish football experts.


Our Reviewers


Aside from the above, we have a growing number of reviewers who are either experts in a particular field or who are book lovers and lovers of Spain and who write the Books4Spain Reviews for one or more books. 


This is voluntary work with the only reward being keeping the book at the end of it and a mention on our blog if they want it (some don't). Believe me, writing proper review is no easy task – it requires concentration, analytical skills and the ability to express oneself and their work is very much appreciated. Here are some of our volunteers but there are more:


Fiona Watson http://scribblerinseville.com/


Fiona is an English journalist who has lived in Andalucia for eight years, where she writes articles and blogs for various websites, magazines and newspapers, reads endlessly about Spain’s culture and history, and tries to bring up her two bilingual young children with English manners and Spanish zest for life.


Kim Causier http://becomingsevillana.blogspot.com.es/


Kim has been passionate about Spain and its language since her first overseas experience as a teenager. Since graduating from a Master in Translating in 2009 she has been living in the magnificent city of Seville where its fervour for tradition and spontaneous outbursts of song have captivated her. A Spanish-English translator by profession, but a keen free-time writer and novice photographer, she enjoys sharing her experience of life in the heart of Andalusia on her blog. 


Tony Bryant


Tony Bryant who has lived in Andalusia since 1994 and is the author of two books concerning the art of flamenco: Flamenco: an Englishman’s passion (2nd revised published by Sol y Sombra Books in February 2012) and A time-defying heritage. He also writes articles for various magazines concerning the Andalusian gypsies and their music and has had work published in Spain, London, France, America and Israel.


Maureen Dolan http://spainstruck.com/


Mo fell in love with Spain as a child, studied the language and for many years lived abroad in Zaragoza, Oviedo and Santa Barbara, California, where she studied for a doctorate on Hispanic culture. For some years she taught Spanish at university and the after marrying her Spanish boyfriend they moved to Alcalá de Henares, Spain, which is a World Heritage Site. Mo is a Hispanist, translator and writer and we love having her on board although she does sell books from Amazon on her blog – which we will put a stop to soon!


Michel Cruz http://manifestodesign.com/


Having lived in a variety of countries, Michel settled in Spain 14 years ago. Fascinated by its diversity of sights and experiences, he has written about the country ever since. Although his activities are varied, including running of design and publishing agency Manifesto Design, and the topics he writes about include other countries and fields of interest, it is clear that he remains as keen as ever to discover, experience and relate new things about this multifaceted country.

Molly Sears Piccavey http://piccavey.com/blog/


Molly was born in Nottingham, UK but has lived in Spain since 1998, initially in Barcelona but now living in Granada, Andalucia.


Molly works in Communication, PR and Institutional Relations and in her spare time reads and reads and read books, is a frentic twitterer, Podcast addict and Blogger. There´s not enough time in the day! Molly speaks fluent Spanish and English along with some French and Catalan.


Diane Brewer


Diane is a retired Modern Foreign Languages teacher (French and German) and has lived in Spain for just over 3 years. She teaches a bit of ‘English as a Foreign Language’ in Spain and is currently trying to learn as much as she can about Spanish language and culture. She has always been an avid reader.


Janice Westfall our Spanish crime fiction advisor and all the way from the California USA!


Worthy mentions!


There are a number of others who have played a role in helping Books4Spain get up and running and these include: Therese Wassily Saba, for flamenco and classical guitar; Jimmy Burns, a leading author and Vice President of the Anglo-Spanish Society; Paul Kane, a recent graduate of Liverpool University; Alison and Patrick Meehan of www.sociomimetics.com who, along with my old friend Peter Sire, held my hand through the Twitter and Facebook minefield; and Jackie and Michel Cruz and Ed of Manifesto Design (http://manifestodesign.com/) who helped us put together our stunning website!

Books4Spain has a team which makes a significant contribution in a number of areas, from developing our international relationships with leading institutions, to assisting us in identifying and classifying books for inclusion on Books4Spain to reviewing books for us. 



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